Frontiers of Interaction – 2012

Rome, Italy - June, 2012 hashtag: #foi12

Program 2012

5 workshops! 4 conference tracks! More than 25 speakers and guests!
But this is just the beginning. Check out the detailed schedule of the event for Day One and Day Two

June, 7th – WORKSHOPS

Click here for schedule Day #1

5 workshop!

“Building disruptive ideas” with Luke Williams

“Building together an Augmented Reality app” with Mauro Rubin (Ceo, Joinpad)

“Lessons from space for your business” with Simonetta di Pippo, Responsible for the European Space policy observatory

“Innovation at the edge of popcorn” with Eric Ezechieli (Founder, Axelera and The Natural Step Italy)

“Visualizing Business as a User Experience” with Matt Morasky (Associate Creative Director, Dachis Group Europe)

June, 8th – CONFERENCE

Click here for schedule Day #2

4 conference tracks will inspire, thrill, engage and stick your mind and body to the chair!

Incoming future

Talking Objects

Putting life into pixels

UX is Biz