Frontiers of Interaction – 2012

Rome, Italy - June, 2012 hashtag: #foi12

Eric_Ezechieli_asking Eric Ezechieli
President and Founder - Axelera and The Natural Step Italy

Eric Ezechieli

Eric Ezechieli’s key expertise is on strategic innovation towards sustainability. Co-founder and President of The Natural Step Global Network, Italian hub he designs award-winning mobilization programs, creates new organizations, and counsels the top levels of corporations, NGOs, academia and the public sector on how to design and create successful economic activities wich inherently regenerate people and the biosphere. Founder and President of Axelera, a think-do-tank with the purpose to spread a clear understanding of exponentially advancing technologies, to convene, inspire and support the development of a new leadership, and leverage the Italian potential to address the grand challenges of our time.

Expert in exponential technology development, leadership, and entrepreneurship, Eric Ezechieli is an alumnus of Singularity University – NASA Ames, Silicon Valley. He is also a Rocky Mountain Institute Ambassador, Stanford and Bocconi universities, and Schumacher college alumnus.

Eric is @ericeze on Twitter

Session: Workshop


Innovation at the edge of popcorn: how exponential technology acceleration and sustainability transform everything.

Global dynamics in technology and other arenas today remind of a popcorn pan, in which nothing seems to happen for 10mins and then all corns pop-up in just a few seconds. Exponentials behave in this way and we are living a time of exponential acceleration in a variety of fields: a number of technologies and trends accelerate, and converge. Humans are not used to thinking exponentially as most of our experiences and thought patterns are linear. The impacts are enormous and swift on businesses, on society, and on the entire human species. The opportunities, and challenges are unprecedented in history. Are you and your business 'exponentials proof'? How do we ride the wave of exponentials? How can we face exponential changes proactively, and make a sustainable yet growing business out of them? Which are the key trends to monitor, that can be leveraged for this purpose? Let's find and work it out together in this engaging and visionary workshop with Eric, where everyone will be involved to co-design new, desirable futures.

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