Frontiers of Interaction – 2012

Rome, Italy - June, 2012 hashtag: #foi12

Fabio Violante bio large Fabio Violante
CTO EMEA - BMC Software

Fabio Violante

Fabio Violante, CTO EMEA at BMC Software, began his career with a PhD in Computer Engineering, specializing in IT performance evaluation. He then went on to gaining extensive consulting experience in IT architectures while working with Accenture, SUN, and Hewlett­ Packard.
In 2000, he co­founded Neptuny, a leading solutions provider of IT Performance Optimization and Capacity Management solutions and the first company to be incubated by Politecnico di Milano university incubator. Neptuny’s flagship product, Caplan, which is now part of BMC Capacity Management, revolutionized the capacity management landscape by introducing a business oriented approach to capacity management. Caplan was highly successful and adopted by major U.S. and European companies including Expedia, Eni, Fastweb, Generali, Unicredit and Vodafone. In October 2010, Neptuny’s software business was acquired by BMC Software, extending BMC’s leadership in capacity management and enhancing the company’s dynamic Business Service Management portfolio and cloud management offerings.
Fabio is also professor of Computer System Performance Evaluation at Politecnico di Milano.

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