Frontiers of Interaction – 2012

Rome, Italy - June, 2012 hashtag: #foi12

lukewilliams Luke Williams
Author and consultant in design thinking and innovation strategy.

Luke Williams

Luke Williams is an internationally recognized authority on Innovation Leadership.

He works with organizations all over the world on challenges ranging from creating new products and services, to transforming organizational processes and behaviors.
He is Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship at New York University’s Stern School of Business, and a Fellow at frog, one of the world’s most influential innovation companies.
Williams is a sought-after commentator on innovation, entrepreneurship, and cultural change. He is in-vited to speak worldwide, and his views are regularly featured in BusinessWeek, Fast Company, The Atlantic, and The Wall Street Journal.

He is the author of Disrupt: Think the Unthinkable to Spark Transformation in Your Business (FT Press, 2011).

Session: Workshop


The Innovation Age: Thriving in an Era of Constant Change

As much as we might desire it, the future we face will not be predictable. We are living in a fast-changing and uncertain time––an innovation age. And we are entering this new global order with a way of seeing and thinking better suited for a world now several centuries behind us. A world that could be explained in simpler terms, when you could expect and carefully plan for gradual shifts in the status quo. But the scale of the challenges we face and the accelerating speed of innovation demands a new approach to innovation leadership––a new way of opening minds to uncomfortable solutions. A way of forcing improbable insights and fostering counterintuitive ideas. To thrive in this new era, organizations and institutions, executives and entrepreneurs need to rethink the habits that have made them successful in the past, and challenge the conventional wisdom and industry models that have defined their world.

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