Frontiers of Interaction – 2012

Rome, Italy - June, 2012 hashtag: #foi12

Matt_Morasky Matt Morasky
Associate Creative Director - Dachis Group Europe

Matt Morasky

A communication designer with a passion for creating clear, compelling stories, Matt was a part of XPLANE when it merged with the Dachis Group in 2010. Today, Matt continues to help companies of all kinds visualize and solve complex problems with an ever-increasing focus on social business and strategy. Matt established and runs Amsterdam’s Visual Thinking School.

Matt resides in Haarlem, the Netherlands with his wife, son and dog. He works with clients throughout Europe.

Session: Talk


The Future of (Business) Interaction: Daring to Leap the Understanding Gap

As the demands of UX become more complex and clients seek “partners” rather than vendors, the need for understanding and clarity in all aspects of business has never been greater. Increasingly, visual thinking is being incorporated into evolving service offerings to not only improve the solution, but also to enhance the process of arriving at the solution. Matt will share his experiences using VT methods to help clients improve their business interactions.

Session: Workshop


Visualizing Business as a User Experience.

Put your own experience to work in this highly collaborative and fast-paced introduction to visual thinking. Working individually and in teams we’ll dive into techniques to drive clarity, build understanding and generate results. Regardless of focus or skill level, there will be something for anyone interested in exploring and applying visual thinking methodologies to real world UX, interactive or other business challenges.

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